Ever since I was a kid, I was very aware of having a proper workspace. My mother was a secretary at a Stony Brook University and when I visited her, I would marvel at the neat way her typewriter sat upon a desk and how close in proximity she was to an magical room filled with office supplies. (This is probably why I ALWAYS love going on a Staples run).

In my childhood, I played soccer, climbed trees and rode my bike like normal kids. But I also was a weirdo in that I really enjoyed setting up a desk and creating a workspace so I could send a memo to someone. Most likely my step sister who unwillingly had a desk set up in the other room. Some kids liked to play house - I liked to play "office".

Right now having an ideal workspace has been like The Three Little Bears: 

I've rented space at WeWork (beautiful and great but too noisy), IFP Center in DUMBO (too far and I didn't make the time to go) and also had the opportunity to crash the cartoonist studio near the Gowanus (by far my FAVORITE - juuuust right):

Drawn by me for the lovely cartoonist,  Robin Ha  on her birthday. Source:  The Drawbridge

Drawn by me for the lovely cartoonist, Robin Ha on her birthday. Source: The Drawbridge

Right now I'm 23 weeks pregnant and don't feel like sacrificing the time commuting to and from home.

My current work space is a tiny desk in the corner of my bedroom:

(Hello lovely plant extracting NYC toxins from the room!)

It appears to be a mess (it is) but I recently organized all of my materials in a way that they are more accessible. I took my towels out of a closet and put my art supplies in there. 

I DO wish I could have a space where I can just leave my materials (pens, papers) out. I didn't realize it until I drew ANOTHER ideal workspace below:

For now it's just a dream. One desk for drawing, another for concocting ideas and doing administrative and writing work. Just myself and for the sole purpose of creating work.

Here are some interesting articles on workspaces:
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What does your artist workspace look like? Share some photos of where you work!



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