Studio Visit - Ursula von Rydingsvard

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day my family and I had the honor of visiting Ursula von Rydingsvard's studio in Brooklyn.

When you walk into her studio you feel as if you are entering a sacred space. And when you are near an artist, like Ursula, who is so pure, the air around them vibrates in love and truth.

Her work is so impressive, so alive and thrilling. You feel as if moments, feelings and notions have been gently sussed from her consciousness and cooly brought to form. I was so moved by her work and also impressed by her kindness and open heartedness. She heartily welcomed us into her world without making us feel like we knew nothing about art.

I was SO excited to see that she creates her work from blank stacks of wood and then by her unique method, creates and manufactures the "natural" look and weathering. It is painstaking and Ursula and her craftsman, Ruben are meticulous at the execution.

The loveliest thing she said was about her work was humbly shrugging: "It's a way of having a voice."

Some observations:

-She captures everything that inspires her: from fabric to dog hair to African masks.
-She is organized and is no joke.
-She has a team that has been with her for many years.
-She is completely unpretentious and kind.
-She wears black and usually athletic wear to get straight to the work.
-She loves to share her work and her process.
-Her enthusiasm is contagious
-She is positive.
-She never stated that she works hard but you get that vibe.
-Yet even though she works hard, there is flow and joy.
-She has perfected her process and continues to hone it.
-She is curious.
-She takes her work seriously.
-She is vibrant.

Please read more about Ursula's work.


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